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Lach Diamant and CBN grinding wheels

News International-French

3 Sep 2012

In its 90th anniversary year Lach Diamant, at the ABM Stuttgart, will be presenting a complete programme of diamond and CBN grinding wheels manufactured at their production site in Hanau.

As an example for new and further developments Lach Diamant presents:


DIA/CBN HSG grinding wheels (high speed grinding)

  • For grinding speeds up to  Vs = 120 m/s
  • Grinding Machines: Junker, Schaudt Mikrosa, Reinecker
  • Grinding operations:
          -External cylindrical grinding (peel-grinding)
          -Profile grinding
          -Camshaft/crankshaft grinding
  • Bonds: Ceramic / Metal
  • Tool body: Steel or CFRP (low noise, vibration dampening))

Illustration 1: CNC grinding with LACH DIAMANT grinding wheels

The complete program of CBN grinding wheels for internal cylindrical grinding of HSS and high alloyed steels


  • Bonds: Ceramic / resinoid / electro-plated
          -Long wheel life
          -Production increases up to 80 % in comparison to conventional grinding
          -Low heat build-up
          -Excellent grinding quality 

DIA/CBN polishing grinding wheels

Solid carbide (VHM) and HSS cutting tools with polished cutting edges and chip flutes are applied more and more for metal working.

The new generation of LACH diamond and CBN grinding wheels with micro grains from  25 to 3µ and extreme soft resinoid bonds for wet and dry grinding guarantee efficient processing and surface quality up to Rz 0,1.


Grinding of superhard cutting edges

The newly developed diamond grinding wheels with micro grains and ceramic bonds Ce-D600 are provided for the manufacturing and repair of cutting tools with CERMET-, CVD-, PCBn and PCD cutting edges and are offered for all special machines of the  Ewag, Coborn type etc.


Illustration 2: Internal cylindrical grinding with ceramic CBN grinding wheels