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Lach Diamant develops tool range for fibre reinforced materials

News International-French

26 Aug 2014

The company presents a diamond tool program for the superior-to- carbide Machining - Turning - Drilling - Milling - Cut-off - Deburring of especially fibre reinforced materials such as CFRP - GRP and mixed materials.

For the last 40 years this program has been developed for applications in the aircraft and wind power industries as well as for the leading processors in the plastic industry. It is now available to all companies interested in PCD and electro-plated tools.

As an new development Lach Diamant showcase the PCD hollow drill with inside dust extraction (Patent applied for) from 30 mm diameter on. Dangerous dusts at the drilling process of e.g. CFRP or GRP are ecologically eliminated at once or extracted.

PCD Insert Hollow Drill with inside extraction (Pat.) for fibreglass reinforced materials (GRP, CFRP)

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