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Lach Diamant PCD monoblock milling cutter

News International-French

16 Feb 2015

By combining the PCD milling cutters developed and patented by Lach Diamant with the PCD chip breaker patented by Audi AG, this process assures and guarantees controlled and economic machining of aluminium.

This idea led to the concept of offering this advantage to all aluminium processors, especially to the automobile accessory industry.

This is now possible after conclusion of a licensing agreement with the Audi AG, the owner of the patent.

With immediate effect Lach Diamant PCD Monoblock milling cutters will be offered not only with the featured "Cool Injection" - direct cooling through the PCD cutting face, but also alternatively with the chip breaker "Plus".

The mode of operation "Cool Injection" and chip breaker »Plus« is explained in the following schematic representations.

By combining both advantages we now have the ideal combination for the innovative machining of aluminium: "Cool Injection-Plus".

By the now possible close pitch the maximum number of teeth leads to a considerable longer service life, extreme high cutting values, increased infeed, perfect surface quality and component accuracy. With high performance cutting (HPC) cycle time reduction of over 50 % is possible as well.