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Lach Diamond and CBN grinding wheels for high speed grinding

News International-French

13 Aug 2013

The application of Diamond and CBN grinding wheel with high grinding speeds in the metal working industry takes on more and more importance.

Grinding operations such as outside cylindrical grinding  in plunge grinding mode (also known as peel grinding), profile grinding on CNC cylindrical grinding machines such as Junker, Reinecker or Studer as well as crankshaft and camshaft grinding machines on special machinery such as Schaudt Mikrosa should be carried out with high precision and high productivity.

HGS-Grinding wheels in metal bond (closed abrasive layer) with diameters up to ø 500 mm and grinding speeds Vc to 180 m/s.

The steel tool body with anti-vibration grooves and dynamically precision balanced assures smooth lownoise grinding and enables the adherence to closest tolerances.

HGS-Grinding wheels in ceramic bond (abrasive layer segmented) with diameter up to ø600 mm and grinding speeds Vc to 300 m/s and more.

Parallel to the standard design with steel tool body LACH DIAMANT also offers for these grinding wheels  an optimized version with CRP (carbon fibre reinforced plastic) body.

The  specific weight of the CRP materials of 1,55 – 1,73 g/cm3 makes possible to achieve a substantial weight reduction up to 75 % of the grinding wheel.

The CRP  tool bodies exhibit a high mechanical stability and a corresponding smaller susceptibility to temperature fluctuations.

The  CRP tool bodies enable an extreme smooth, low noise and vibration free grinding.

Due to the other properties of carbon fibre, the grinding behavior of the grinding wheel is changed considerably, so the grinding wheels can be operated with grinding speeds up to 300 m/s and more...

Photo: HGS Grinding wheel with CFK tool body at camshaft grinding