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Lamilux achieves sales of 143 million euros

News International-French

16 Mar 2012

Europe’s largest producer of reinforced composite sheeting and panels and a firmly established daylight system manufacturer, LAMILUX Heinrich Strunz GmbH, has ended the financial year 2011 with the highest turnover in its history.

Based in Rehau, Germany, this medium-sized, family-run company earned 143 million euros last year, an increase of more than 25 per cent compared with the previous year. “We are able to report equally good business development in both our divisions,” states Managing Partner Dr. Heinrich Strunz. Exports account for almost 60 per cent of sales. Dr. Strunz sums up: “We have formed a solid basis on both a national and international level and have been able to make gains in both our domestic and export businesses.”



For Dr. Strunz, one of last year’s key events was the takeover of Pecolit, an erstwhile competitor in fibre-reinforced composite production and sales, now successfully integrated into the LAMILUX Group along with its workforce of almost sixty employees. “The desired synergy effects have been fully achieved thanks to the fusing of international marketing experience and technological know-how.”



Driving force behind innovations

Strunz also states that last year’s new product developments provided an extra boost for business and consolidated LAMILUX’s reputation for innovation. For example, the world’s first fully automated production process for carbon fibre-reinforced composite sheeting met with an enthusiastic response from the commercial vehicle and automotive industry on an international level. “We are the only composite material manufacturer able to produce carbon fibre composite sheeting in large quantities using a large-scale industrial process. Our unique production methods enable our customers to benefit from a high-tech material which guarantees exceptional strength and also features a very low weight when used in the side walls of trucks and trailers or in the emerging electric vehicle segment."



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