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Lamilux signed materials supply contract with Chinese company

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4 Feb 2014

Lamilux recently has signed a new high-tech material supply contract with Shandong Shan Yete Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a Chinese well-known caravan maker. The materials will be used to manufacture the auto body side plates and roof plates.

This contract is the continuation of the successful business relationship that the two parties started since the beginning of 2012 including the fiber reinforced plastics supply for the auto body side panels and roof structure. Shandong Shan Yete Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SYT) will apply the high-quality mature materials produced by Lamilux to hundreds of caravan manufacturing.

The contract was signed in Tai'an, Shandong province, the SYT’s headquarter and both sides have stressed the importance of good partnership. Lamilux SYT provides high-end materials Lamilux HG 4000. This material is perfect for high-grade car side walls and roof, except for the light weight, high stability, the material also has many excellent characteristics.

Lamilux HG 4000 surface gloss and no holes that combined the fiber reinforced many excellent mechanical and physical properties with very noble, charming appearance. Smooth surface with high quality coating layer, so that the UV resistance and weather resistance is better, with longer service life.

SYT general manager Mr Leung recognized on the Lamilux composites high quality and the European manufacturers service experience, he said: "We will choose to cooperate with this company, because we know that is the best choice in both of the products quality or services in the international touring car field. SYT is particularly emphasis on product quality and customer's own experience, we have reason to believe that Lamilux could provide the best services to meet the different needs and our design diversified products -- we have had a good beginning."

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