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The largest Brazilian construction project using the “Wall System”

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23 Apr 2011

MVC, a Marcopolo SA company, has now completed the largest construction project using the “Wall System” in Brazil. With a total surface area of 1,266 m², the Paranaense Club of Sportive Shooting in Curitiba has pooled its headquarters, equipment storage room and administrative area in a single building entirely built with the “Wall System” technology.

(Published on January-February 2009 – JEC Magazine #46)


The building is considered innovative because it was the first very large-scale construction project in Brazil to use the “Wall System” technology. Using complex lines and a vanguard architecture, the technology developed by MVC has made it possible to complete the construction work without distorting the concept and essence of the original project or the aesthetics of the final product. We have undone paradigms and amplified the possibilities of our product”, explains Gilmar Lima, MVC general director. The architectural creation and interior decoration are signed by the architect Marise Prosdócimo Izique.



Several advantages

Among the advantages that convinced the customer to choose MVC were the construction speed, flexibility, acoustics, high durability and low maintenance cost of the construction system. “We were responsible for elaborating the structural project, implementing the assembly and adapting the original “Wall System” project once it had been projected for masonry. In practice, the walls came painted, with both the electrical systems (cable gutters, wiring, outlets, switches, distribution panels, circuit breakers) and sanitary fittings (PVC tubes and connections) installed. This reduced costs and construction time, which made a huge difference”, Gilmar Lima says.


The “Wall System”

The CPTE complex was built with “Wall System” panels, a technology developed by MVC. This system is structured with layers of plastic sheets reinforced with fibreglass and a special core to meet Brazilian and international standards. This technology is gaining increasingly more ground in the Brazilian market. The aim is to transfer high-performance composite technology to the civil construction market, creating a differential and competitive industrial product. The advantages of this technology, such as its fast construction and low acquisition cost, are just a few of the reasons behind its success in both the Brazilian and international civil construction sectors.


More Information...
MVC is a leading manufacturer of plastic products in Brazil, especially for the automotive, light-duty industry and civil construction markets. The company uses extrusion, vacuum forming, RTM Light, integrated RTM, compression, continuous lamination (Fiberprint) and polyurethane injection processes. Headquartered in São José dos Pinhais (PR), it also has plants in Catalão (GO) and in Monterrey, Mexico.