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Largest wind blade successfully installed in Rudong offshore wind farm

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16 Dec 2013

China Longyuan Power Group Co., Ltd (China Longyuan) has successfully installed a 73.5 meters long wind turbine blade in Rudong offshore wind farm.

Recently, Longyuan Rudong offshore wind farm expansion project first 5 MW unit wind turbine has been successfully installed. This wind turbine unit has installed 73.5 meters long composite material wind power blades with 151 meters diameter of wind wheel.

Compare to China current domestic 5 MW type wind turbine, test unit Longyuan has selected this time has the advantages of "longest wind wheel diameter, lightest wind head, and highest single unit capacity" and other advantages. It not only has higher utilization hours in production and operation, but also improves the safety and handiness during the hoisting installation.

The successful installation of this wind blade has created record in Longyuan Rudong offshore wind blade installation history. Marking that offshore Longyuan has basically mastered the installation construction technology of large capacity of offshore wind turbine and laying a solid foundation for the future construction of offshore wind farms large capacity units.

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