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Launch of Materials Centre of Innovation in Singapore

News International-French

29 Oct 2013

Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) and Spring Singapore will launch their Materials Centre of Innovation (MCOI) to cater to the materials development needs of the local SME community in Singapore.

The MCOI will work closely with SMEs to transfer know-how of technologies as well as to create opportunities for networking and sharing of information with stakeholders along the entire product value-chain including suppliers, manufacturers and consumers. The MCOI will also advise companies on charting technology directions and plugging technology gaps in their businesses with the vision of equipping these companies with the relevant tools and capabilities to create impactful innovations locally in order to compete globally.

The launching of the MCOI marks a significant step forward that underscores IMRE’s commitment towards empowering the local SMEs through technology adoption. Attendees at the launch will discover the various activities that are planned by the MCOI to cater for the development of the SME community like:

  • Gaining exclusive insights on how innovative ideas are identified and hear from industry partners on their experience in translating innovative ideas into businesses.
  • Learning how to leverage on the expertise and resources in the MCOI to enhance productivity growth.
  • Mingle with MCOI Innovation Associates to understand what defines a “materials problem” and how the MCOI can be of service.

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