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Launch of Polynt Composites Gravicol 2015 bonding paste

News International-French

6 Oct 2015

Gravicol 2015 is an economically priced, pre-accelerated bonding paste, based upon unsaturated polyester resin which has been developed for static bonds and bonding of thin joints in composite parts.

Main benefits of Gravicol 2015 bonding paste are its economic formula offering a balanced price/performance bond, with good flexural strength and high compressive strength. It is a semi rigid bonding paste without fibres. It has a very smooth consistency and is easy to apply using a spatula or comb applicator. Gravicol 2015 demonstrates low shrinkage after curing and is suitable for most bonding applications. It cures at room temperature (15-25˚C) using MEKP peroxide.

Additional typical characteristics of Gravicol 2015 are that it is a viscous material curing to a dark grey final colour, maintaining many of the well-known and valued properties of our popular standard range of bonding pastes.

Polynt Composites is one of the global leaders for bonding pastes, with production sites in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Polynt is also a global producer of gel coats and leading producer of unsaturated polyester resins in Europe.

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