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Launch of Polynt Composites Polycor industrial gel coat

News International-French

9 Nov 2015

Polynt Composites (EMEA) has announced the launch of their latest gel coat product. Polycor Industrial gel coat is a pre-accelerated gel coat based on orthophthalic unsaturated polyester resin.

Polycor Industrial gel coat is available in both spray and brush grades which have been developed for the sandable and industrial composite parts market. Formulated to provide an easy to sand surface which is highly resistant to micro porosity, this product is extremely resistant to sagging and is designed for use with industrial components that require post finishing with paint and has the potential for use with internal composite parts, where traditional properties of high UV and water resistance are not required.

Polycor industrial gel coat is available in white, off white and pastel shades of grey, other colours may be available for certain applications in addition to those previously mentioned. Polycor industrial is suitable for use as an in-mould primer surface coat for repainted parts such as car bumpers, hard tops, safety helmets etc.

Polynt composites are the global leader for gel coat, with production sites in Americas, Europe and Asia.