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Laurel Biocomposite to launch of new pilot plant

News International-French

24 Oct 2011

The company announced on October 20, 2011 that it has introduced Bio-Res™, a patent pending product for the plastic molding market.  The company developed the unique material to cost-effectively raise the renewable or “green” content of plastic products by as much as 40 percent. The product introduction coincides with the launch of a new pilot plant expected to begin manufacturing the material in November.  Laboratory tests prove the material’s ability to act as a replacement for neat resin at a reduced cost.

Bio-Res is available in a powder or pellet form and mixes easily with polyethylene, polypropylene, polylactic acid and PHA.   Bio-Res pellets are made of 60 to 80 percent bio-material.  Injection molders can insert the pellets directly into injection molded parts. The material can also be blended with various resins.  The product replaces traditional petroleum-based resins in a variety of manufacturing processes for plastics.


The new material does not affect food supplies because it is made from corn-based distillers’ grain, a non-edible by-product of ethanol plants.  This renewable feedstock is readily available and easy to transport and store, making Bio-Res suited for large volume production.  Bio-Res sequesters carbon dioxide and does not use toxic compounds during processing.  


The pilot facility will produce approximately 1 million lbs. of Bio-Res the first year to support customer trials.  The trials will help define specific performance property improvements. Plans are underway to build a plant in 2012 capable of producing 48 million lbs. of Bio-Res pellets.  The material is especially suited for use in a range of industries including shipping, lawn and garden, agriculture and automotive applications.


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