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LCI data now available for Reichhold’s resins

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19 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Reichhold has acquired in-house capabilities to perform cradle-to-gate LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) studies for a variety of resin systems in order to support customers’ efforts to manufacture more sustainable products.

The level of emission and environmental impacts of Reichhold’s resins for which LCA and LCI (Life Cycle Inventory) studies have been made are considerably lower than the LCIs of a “generic” polyester resin in the most widely available LCA software and database. This is due to better process efficiency, optimized raw material sourcing and optimized management of energy requirements. As a result, the LCA study for the final composite products incorporating the company’s resins will often show lower environmental impacts which will provide customers with sound, data-based and convincing arguments while promoting their products versus competitive materials (T-Plastics, aluminium and steel, wood, concrete) and when implementing eco-labelling schemes, making environmental claims or developing Environmental Product Declarations.


LCA and LCI studies have already been made for a wide range of Reichhold’s products and the LCA model is being systematically expanded to include all of the company’s products. Interested customers may receive LCI data for selected resin systems either in EcoSpold format (resulting processes) or collection of input/ output data as an Excel file.


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