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Leading-edge oxidation technology for carbon fibre

News International-French

18 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Harper’s oxidation oven design brings well needed advancements to oxidation technology, incorporating multiple improvements beyond what is available on the market today to serve the need for growing capacities and increase efficiency.

For the customer, this technology equals faster oxidation, improved velocity uniformity and range, assurance of temperature uniformity at a variety of flow rates, and optimal control of the reaction ultimately enhancing fibre quality.

As demonstrated in industry presentations, Harper’s oxidation oven systems are capable of reducing the energy consumption of the oxidation process by a factor of 2x-3x as compared to traditional oven design. This design utilizes a combination of mechanical design features and control systems to provide precision management of the energetic state within the oven. This innovation is an essential evolution towards the type of technology that will be necessary to meet the requirements for use of many emerging precursor materials.

Harper’s systems are designed to help customers advance their carbon fibre production operations. They are maximized for reuse of energy available from waste gas abatement, offer instrumentation and control advances allowing for a high degree of process optimization, and incorporate end-seals that maximize the effective heated volume and drastically reduce room air ingress and the chimney effect.


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