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Lectra announces significant new investments in India

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2 Feb 2012

Lectra, the world leader in integrated technology solutions dedicated to industries using soft materials—textiles, leather, industrial fabrics, and composite materials— has announced significant investments in India with the opening of two new offices, based in Delhi and Tirupur, one International Call Center in Bangalore and with the strengthening of its sales and distribution network in India.

Lectra has been present in India since 1998 and opened its own subsidiary based in Bangalore in 2008. “India is a fast-developing key market for Lectra. We have established a strong position in India, particularly in the apparel, automotive, wind energy, and aerospace markets. Indian manufacturers have now reached a critical size, and they require local expert support to optimize the benefits they can have by using Lectra solutions,” said Daniel Harari, Lectra CEO. “Considering all these requirements in India, Lectra has decided to considerably reinforce its presence and make significant new investments by doubling its Indian team from 12 to 24 people, opening two more offices and an International Call Center in Bangalore, and strengthening its sales and distribution network and relationships with local partners. The expanding Indian domestic market is contributing to growth in the manufacturing segment, especially in the fashion and automotive industries, where Lectra has developed unrivaled, worldwide, innovative, and extensive knowledge and best practices with leading global brands and suppliers.”



“The Indian manufacturing sector’s strength—especially across fashion, automotive and wind energy industries—is the availability of raw materials and skilled labor, growing domestic demand, and the ability to manufacture a variety of products meeting both the domestic and export requirements. In recent years, due to the global economic situation, the manufacturers have been focusing on reducing the cost of manufacturing and improving productivity to be competitive in the market,” said Laxmanasandra Jayaram (L.J.) Prashanth, Managing Director, Lectra India.



Lectra opens two new offices in Delhi and Tirupur to support Lectra customers in North India states and in Tamil Nadu and Kerala

As part of its strategy of enhancing proximity with customers and strengthening its presence in India, Lectra announces the opening of two new offices located in Delhi and Tirupur. The Lectra Delhi office will cover states in North India, where many fashion companies and the automotive hub are based, and the Lectra Tirupur office will cover the southern states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Tirupur is the foremost garment cluster in India and has a significant presence at the lower end of the international hosiery and knitwear market. This cluster accounts for more than 50% of cotton knitwear exports from India.


In each of these new offices, Lectra has appointed a team of solutions experts and field service engineers with rich industry experience to support the needs of Lectra customers. All other Indian states will continue to be covered by the existing office in Bangalore.



Lectra also opens an International Call Center in Bangalore to quickly leverage customers’ technical queries

With an objective of helping its customers optimize the use of Lectra solutions and receive the most efficient technical support and reduce downtime, including Lectra’s unique Smart Services, Lectra has opened a new International Call Center based in Bangalore entirely dedicated to its Indian customers and staffed with Lectra experts. This call center includes a dedicated team of six solution specialists with rich technical expertise and is supported by a team of field service engineers in the regions. The new International Call Center will be connected with the five existing Lectra International Call Centers, located in France (Bordeaux-Cestas), North America (Atlanta), Spain (Madrid), Italy (Milan), and Asia-Pacific (Shanghai).



Lectra has strengthened its sales and distribution network in India and has reinforced its strategic partnerships with local partners

In line with its development strategy to support India's fast-growing market, Lectra has also decided to strengthen its sales and distribution network by collaborating with three Indian sales partners, all having a very strong local presence in specific Indian regions: Magnum Technology Solutions, its historical partner, already working with Lectra for the states of North India; Imperial Group of Companies, recently appointed as sales partner for the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat; and Alpine Knits, recently appointed as sales partner for the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Their role will be to help identify business opportunities within Lectra’s realm that will handle implementation, training activities, support… to guarantee optimum quality under long-term relationship with its clients.


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