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Leda production continues thanks to Lavesan S.r.l.

News International-French

5 Oct 2012

Lavesan S.r.l. based in Brentonico (Trento) bought all the equipment and production machines of Leda Industries’ plant in Nonantola (Modena). Leader in the manufacturing of gelcoat, polyester resins and adhesives, Leda ceased its production in November last year.

The agreement between Lavesan and Leda has been finalized in July 2012.


Since May 2012 Lavesan S.r.l. has been granted the collaboration of Dr. Enrico Vignudelli, former technical director of Leda Industries and creator of all well-renowned Leda products.


All this has allowed Lavesan to provide the market with the highest quality of gelcoat and resins reaching the same standards which made Leda famous.


Starting from December 2012 Lavesan will be manufacturing the same polyester adhesives and putties Leda used to produce.


In addition the company mentions, for example, some of the most important former Leda products which Lavesan is currently providing to Italian, European and non-European markets:

  • Fire-resistant systems which meet the strictest requirements in the area of mass transit: RS10 and RS48 resins (ex 810 and 848) and FN gelcoat
  • The"NO STOP” tooling-system (formerly "ONE SHOT")
  • From the most noble Gelcoats for boats and bathroom fittings ("NI") to all other different techniques of lamination production ("IN", "LA", "IL", etc.).
  • "LAVESKIN" skin-coat (formerly LEDASKIN)
  • Special resins, filled or not, using different technologies of molding (RTM, infusion, vacuum, etc.)


Lavesan has implemented its quality control system to reach the high standards of Leda’s, which has always been very well considered by its customers.


Lavesan will also continue, together with Dr. Vignudelli, the tradition of research and development, which has always allowed Leda to advance and meet any customer requests.