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Lenovo world's lightweight carbon fiber notebook launched

News International-French

26 Oct 2012

Last month, after widely carbon fiber composite material application, Lenovo ThinkPad recently launched X1 Carbon, the current world lightest 14 inches super notebook.

The application of the carbon fiber materials commonly used in the F1 racing and aerospace makes it strong and light. Its weight is only 1.36 kg. The thinnest part is only 8mm, and the thickness is also only 18mm.


Since last fall, Lenovo launched a series of products for various user groups. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 has been improved and evolved into X1 Carbon, an attempt to stir the market ocean. X1 Carbon appearance can move human heartbeat. The ThinkPad tradition black cover plus the carbon element expressed the impressive light weight as well as the stable sense of professionalism.



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