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LEO - Lightweight with extreme opportunities

News International-French

26 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - LEO is a new generation of composite material that fulfils the strict fire requirements applicable to the offshore/marine, mass transportation and building industries while providing structural efficiency, i.e. limiting the negative influence on mechanical properties that is the current state of the art for fire-resistant composites.

This is done by combining a treatment of the fabric and a modification of the structural resin, followed by the application of a protection layer with combined aesthetic and fire-resistant properties.

The reinforcements producer SAERTEX® and the specialities producer BÜFA Composite Systems joined forces to create LEO as a ready-to-use system with approved properties. They combined their knowledge to provide the best solution and support to customers in the composite industry. With this competence in the development of customised solutions, LEO shows outstanding mechanical properties combined with high structural efficiency and a remarkable fire retardant behaviour. It is a non-halogenated system built up with a structural layer and an added protection layer system. The structural layer system can be produced and cured at room temperature by state-of-the-art application methods like infusion processes.

The reinforcement for the structural layer is based on modified non-crimp glass or carbon fabric. Due to this, all the known benefits of NCF’s can be transferred to composite parts with additional high fire protection properties.

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