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A Levi’s 501 strengthened with Dyneema

News International-French

30 Oct 2013

When Levi’s wanted to make an even stronger, even longer lasting version of its classic 501, they knew where to come.

The idea for the new 501 Strong series was to create a premium jeans that would:

  • Meet the demands of people who always push their jeans that bit harder, like skateboarders and snowboarders, or people in physically demanding jobs
  • Offer more protection to people who like to wear jeans while riding a scooter or motorbike
  • Last longer and also support Levi’s drive to reduce its carbon footprint
  • Create a new market for durable, longer-lasting jeans and offer consumers more choices, and more environmentally friendly choices

The result is a very special 501 made of 96% cotton and 4% Dyneema.
Which maybe doesn’t sound much, but that 4% is all it takes to make an enormous difference:

Increases abrasion resistance over 2 ½ times
25% increase in strength

The first jeans in the Levi’s 501 Strong series are the Warrior and Trooper. The Warrior is a prewashed jeans for that classic hard life look; the Trooper offers  the original  unwashed  finish. And that’s where the differences end. With their combination of classic denim and next-generation Dyneema fiber, both jeans are a bolder, stronger take on the definitive American clothing icon. Comfortable to wear yet ready for all you can throw at them, they stay strong and last long.