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Liaoning Grid connected wind power reached over 4 million KWs

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3 Aug 2012

Recently 220 KV Fuxin Fuxi Taihe, Fuxin Zhalanshan and Tieling Changtu Hongshan 3 wind farms put into operation.

Liaoning Province Power Co., Ltd made reasonable arrangement of power network operating modes that improves network absorptive capability for the electricity that wind farm generated.


At present, Liaoning power grid connected wind power is 442 million KWs installed capacity. Wind power has become the second largest electricity source in Liaoning Province. "The installed capacity ranks the second place in China."


In recent years, the Liaoning power grid connected wind power installed capacity increased year by year. The net portion of the wind turbine capacity accounted in the total grid has been increased to above 3 times that of the 4.3% at the end of 2008. According to calculation, Liaoning land-based wind energy resources are about 540 million KWs, in which the applicable resources are about 11 million KWs.


To the characteristics of the wind power, Liaoning Grid Company has made reasonable arrangement on the power grid operation to improve power grid wind power absorption capacity. They work with the wind power companies for them to adjust to the Liaoning power grid future development direction.


The wind power generator grid-connection process has been more clearly understood. A smart scientific power prediction method has been applied. With in depth knowledge of the wind power operation trend and regularities, through reasonable arrangement of power plant operation mode, the wind farm operators learnt to enhance their peaking capacity.


In addition, Liaoning timely uniformed wind turbine grid connection technical standards. And all the new wind farm need to pass through a detection before connecting to the grid.


At the end of "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", Liaoning power grid wind power installed capacity will reach 6 million to 10 million KWs. At that time, Liaoning will become a million KWs wind power base.


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