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The light carbon fiber i3, i8, and i Pedelec, BMW creative thinking

News International-French

19 Sep 2012

Recently, the BMW Project I Director Ulrich Kranz says, BMW carbon fiber electric vehicles i3 will not be an edge model.

BMW is planning the mass production of i3. The BMW Leipzig plant alone has invested 400 million Euros. The money has been used for alterations factory equipments and production lines so that it can be used in the production of the BMW i3 and i8.


"We would never invest the money if we only produces a couple of thousands of electric car", Ulrich Kranz told the reporters from Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung.


The first prototype of i3 BMW has applied a full carbon fiber body design. The whole vehicle weight is only 1250 kilograms. The spacious compartment inside the car houses a four seat design and 200 liters of trunk volume. In the mean time, i3 has achieved the highest level of collision safety protection.


Unlike the i8 concept car is a PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), BMW concept i3 is a pure electric vehicle of zero emissions. The BMW i3 is expected to be launched next year and import into the Chinese market. BMW i series models would be a breakthrough point in the near future in China.


BMW i3 is designed for urban drive. Its motor power output is up to 125kW (168PS), equipped with rear wheel drive system, which ensures BMW's dynamic control performance.


More over, BMW i3 will be the first carbon fiber car put into mass production. CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced composite material) technology makes the BMW i3 body weight to be reduced by 250-350 kg than conventional electric cars. BMW i3 from 0 to 100 km / h speed accelerating process takes only 8 seconds. If high speed charger applied, the battery only needs 1 hour to fill 80% electricity.


BMW recently also displayed a folding electric bicycle, I Pedelec. Notable is that after the bicycle is folded, it can be placed in BMW's i3 concept electric car. In the trunk, it can accommodate 2 folded i Pedelec.


This i Pedelec folding electric bicycle is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material as well. It also has a combination of high performance battery and electric motor kinetic energy system, which made the electric bicycle speed to reach 25 kilometers per hour.


BMW said, according to different rider's weight, each fully charged battery can give i Pedelec 25-40 km endurance ability. During the downhill and brakes, the wheel hub electric motor can carry out the kinetic energy recovery back into the battery, which improves the endurance ability.