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A light split board made of flax and balsa cores

News International-French

21 Oct 2013

One of the world lightest split board is hand made with Radical’s newest Super Light Technology, where a complex layup of carbon and kevlar are combined with Bcomp bCore D200.

The weight of the Lion model is only 2.75 kilograms. This featherweight helps to climb with less effort and offers great fun to ride. A tip rocker with traditional camber and torsion reinforcements gives the board optimal powder lift combined with very good stability and edge grip.

After a five years Bcomp engineers have invented a material which has the same performance as wood cores at up to 5 times lower weight, and which can be processed using the same manufacturing techniques as any other core material.

Bcomp cores outperform woods and standard structural foams when compared on a basis of specific shear strength properties.

In addition of being relatively heavy, wood has the drawback that its fibre orientation is difficult to tailor with regards to the stresses the material is exposed to, and standard structural foams generally reach their limitations in large deformation applications, where shear stresses reach values beyond their shear strength. With the Bcomp core technology (pat. pend.), the company have developed a core material with significantly higher mechanical properties when compared to standard structural foams, increasing the shear properties by a factor 5-10, the compression properties by 2-3, at a density 3-5 times lower than woods currently used in the ski industry.
D200 flax & balsa wood cores characteristics:

  • Light with a density of 190 kg/m3
  • Same shear strength as wood cores
  • High impact and pressure resistance
  • High resistance to face delamination
  • Excellent damping properties

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