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LightArmour project launched to develop hybrid lightweight armour

News International-French

8 Oct 2015

A new DUTE (Dual Use Technology Exploitation Cluster) project, ‘LightArmour’, has been launched to develop armour based on a combination of Self-Reinforced Polymer (SRP) composites and lightweight ceramics.

The project will also develop armour systems that are designed to be flexible; providing greater coverage and better ergonomics.

The 27 month project consists of 7 partners from across the supply chain and the knowledge base. The project is being led by NetComposites in collaboration with XeraCarb, C-Tech Innovation, Pro2Pro, Sheffield Hallam University, Cranfield University and Airbus Helicopters.

Project outputs will demonstrate the technologies suitability for protection against a variety of both civilian and defence-related threats, from light firearms to improvised explosive devices (IEDs), and can be used in applications ranging from lightweight body armour to vehicle and aerospace protection, specifically the complex-shaped parts found in helicopters.

The technology is expected provide a much-needed alternative to existing heavy and inflexible systems. In addition, a novel moulding system will be developed to produce unique flexible or articulated mouldings for a variety of uses.

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