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Lighter than metal

News International-French

1 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - VICTREX PEEK™ polymer-based materials are used as a replacement for metals in aerospace, automotive and other demanding industries to enhance application performance, lower costs and satisfy stringent safety and environmental regulations.

With its myriad lightweight material solutions, Victrex’ booth will be of particular interest to aircraft manufacturers who are driven by the need to design the most lightweight and environmentally fuel-efficient aircraft possible while reducing overall manufacturing costs. These high-performance polymers, available in a variety of formats, have been selected for use in harsh environment applications because they are lightweight, durable, exceptionally strong, chemically resistant and inherently flame retardant.


Victrex will exhibit several innovative applications made of VICTREX PEEK 90, 150, 380, and 450 polymer standard grades, VICTREX pipes, Aptiv films and PEEK-based composites.



Booth J16