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A lightweight buoyant ballistic protection for maritime operations

News International-French

20 Apr 2015

Morgan Advanced Materials’ Composites and Defence Systems previews their new LASA Maritime Combat System, which includes a  marine ballistic helmet and a lightweight buoyant ballistic insert, as well as a ballistic buoyant shield, communications, a lightweight waterproof rucksack, pouches and holsters.

Developed to meet the needs of the Navy, Coast Guard, and Special Forces, the LASA Maritime Combat System has been designed to protect personnel from ballistic threats.

Jointly developed between Morgan Advanced Materials and Gecko Head Gear, the marine ballistic helmet brings together more than twenty years of composite helmet design knowledge and experience in military marine environments. The fully water resistant helmet offers high levels of ballistic protection along with weight reduction and comfort required for successful operations. An inflatable inner layer provides 100 percent custom fit and buoyancy, while the outer layer provides outstanding ballistic protection. The helmet can be integrated with ballistic eye protection and night vision googles, providing a complete operational solution.

The range of ultra lightweight multi impact ballistic inserts fit neatly into the suit’s tactical plate carrier/life jacket to provide high level protection. The LASA LWBIII+ lightweight buoyant plate weighs less than 1 kilogram and has been tested to NIJ Level III, providing outstanding multi-shot protection at the lowest weight. The plate’s buoyant property makes it ideal for marine military and law enforcement environments.

To counter a higher level of threat, the high performance LASA LW IV+ plate provides protection up to NIJ 0101.04 Level IV. This option incorporates Morgan’s patented crack mitigation system (CMS) technology, developed specifically for improved ballistic multi-hit protection.

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