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Lightweight Construction for mass production with HP RTM

News International-French

29 Oct 2014

High pressure resin transfer molding (HP RTM) is increasing in importance for serial production of structural components made of fiber composite plastics.

On the HP RTM dosing unit from Frimo (EPOx Mix and PURe Mix), epoxy resins as well as polyurethane can be processed in combination with endless-filament reinforcement to form high-performance fiber composite components.

The Institute for Lightweight Construction and Plastics Technology (ILK) at the TU Dresden has just recently commissioned two high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP RTM) dosing units from Frimo in order to expand its development and service offerings. One of the machines is equipped for an output range of 33 to 166 g/s with epoxide matrix material and the second machine for a range from 10 to 65 g/s with polyurethane matrix material. In equipping the machines, particular importance was given to ensuring that they can be easily operated. This means, for example, equipping them with a navigable visualization system developed by Frimo.

To show all important information at a glance, in addition to a clear display of the main process parameters, monitoring devices are also provided on the machines. The customer thus receives an especially convenient interface that has already proven its worth for various applications many times over. All process-relevant parameters are displayed via this visualization unit and can be seamlessly documented and archived. The data interface provided is adapted to customer requirements in order to make transfer of project-relevant data to superordinate systems easy.