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Lightweight, durable 3D roof structures with composites tubes

News International-French

17 Feb 2016

Exel Composites, a composite solutions manufacturers, has developed an innovative 3D roof structure application together with Australia-based PT Architectural Technology.

Exel Composites Australia and PT Architectural Technology P/L have developed a light yet strong concept for a 3D roof structure with composite tubes. The concept consists of three composite tubes with various diameters.

Unlike conventional materials like steel or aluminum, composite tubes have a bending radius of up to 6 meters enabling design freedom. Rounded wave-like shapes can be seen in a project realized in Byron Bay, Australia, which is home of a new 5-stars beachfront resort.

“In designing the Elements of Byron in Byron Bay, Australia we were able to realize our vision with the design freedom made possible with composites”, says Ellen Murray of PT Architectural Technology P/L.

Besides flexibility and versatility in design, composite tubes are light in weight which means reduced construction time and cost with easier installation. They offer outstanding fatigue and durability properties. Composites’ weather performance is good with regard to e.g. UV-damage, moisture, and temperature extremes.

“We see many possibilities for composite purlins. Easy construction with a possibility to 3-dimensional shaping on site combined to corrosion resistance from the material’s intrinsic properties offers many advantages for e.g. sporting facilities like swimming pools, beach front pavilions and pergola structures. It provides new limits to architects’ creativity”, says Pierre Delaunay, Area Sales Manager of Exel Composites Australia.

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