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Lightweight marine epoxies used to construct NOX SV wooden motorboat

News International-French

19 Jan 2015

As an established supplier of Sicomin’s specialist resins to the super yacht and racing yacht sectors, Time Out Composites will present a selection of high performance, epoxy systems alongside a variety of exhibits manufactured with Sicomin products.

One particularly impressive exhibit on display at Boot Düsseldorf is the lightweight, 8m NOX SV wooden motorboat. Manufactured by Rivers and Tides Boatbuilding using Sicomin materials, the vessel features a classic design and stunning mahogany exterior that delivers exceptional performance without compromising space. This is thanks to its extremely stiff monocoque hull that weighs only 400kg - including an electric propulsion system and a clear, spacious interior.

Built by sandwich construction and vacuum bonded, Sicomin’s SR 5550 high performance epoxy system (previously applied to Aerospace components on the International Space Station) was used throughout the build process to bond and laminate the structure. A flexible, system that is less brittle than usual products, SR 5550 adheres to any type or shape of wood and is perfect for external processing and repair environments.

Sicomin’s renowned Surf Clear product – a UV and high temperature resistant resin, was then used to coat the exposed laminates to give an ultra-glossy and scratch resistant finish.

Sicomin produces one of the large range of resins suitable for infusion, hot curing, hand laminating and prepreg processing on the market today.

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