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Lightweighted 3 meter space frame structure

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8 Sep 2014

Teufelberger is all set to debut its latest fiber composite and metal-composite hybrid component developments for structural lightweight applications

The long-established Austrian company possesses a strong expertise in fiber composite and metal-composite hybrid component fabrication for structural lightweight applications. By combining various textile preform processes in conjunction with RTM and the patented T-IGEL metal-composite connector, Teufelberger creates system solutions that offer maximum lightweighting potential.

Highlights 2014
The highlight of Teufelberger's for this year's is a metal-composite hybrid space frame structure of 3 meters in length. The T-IGEL connector forms the basis for the introduction of forces into the space frame's composite truss members and nodes. Whilst weighing less than 80kg, the lattice mast structure is designed to bear a one-sided load of several tons. This lightweight concept for space frames is of particular interest for superstructures in applications for the Transport, Mechanical Engineering and Tool Making, Cranes, Wind Power, Marine and Offshore segments.




Another product highlight is an hybrid CFRP - metal driveshaft of 2 meters in length, which is suitable for torques up to 35kNm. Its potential uses include marine propulsion units, among others. Teufelberger has also developped a technology demonstrator for a new type of pressure tank that also enables the transmission of transverse loads through of combination of braiding and filament winding. Such functional integration is of great benefit to end users, particularly in the automotive and commercial vehicle industries.

About Teufelberger:
Teufelberger is a globally successful enterprise specializing in the development and production of fiber and steel wire ropes, strapping, and hybrid composite components. In addition to its headquarters at Wels, Austria, Teufelberger operates production sites in Austria, the Czech Republic, and in the U.S. A close-knit network of distribution partners ensures Teufelberger's worldwide presence. In 2013, its 850 staff members generated € 182 million in total revenue, about 90% of which came from exports.