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On-line resin pick-up control system

News International-French

6 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - With the demand for higher quality control and increased level of automation, Mikrosam envisioned the need to find a way to improve the entire production process and add value to the final product for the benefit of its customers.

The new system for on-line inspection of the matrix-to-reinforcement ratio allows full control and thorough assessment of the prescribed proportion, through the entire production process. Filament winding and impregnation technologies are at an advantage with this innovation, as resin pick-up content appears to be a controllable process parameter which might be pre-programmed in the command lines of the winding and impregnating programs. This system is a cost-effective solution, which improves quality, saves time, and minimizes errors in the composite structure.

The market potential for the new innovation from Mikrosam is as significant as consistency of the manufacturing process parameters is for the quality of the composite structure of the final product. The demand for higher control of the process parameters is a typical requirement pursued by all stakeholders of the composites industry. The primary application of this innovation is in the aviation and space industries, where quality, accuracy and conformity criteria are exceptionally high.

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