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Liuan to build 10,000 tons carbon fiber and composites materials project

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27 Jun 2012

China carbon fiber production capacity is very limited so Anhui Liuan is planning to introduce foreign advanced production technology to develop and produce carbon fiber and its composite materials recently. According to the plan, the project annual sales income will be above $470 millions USD.

According to the construction plan, Liuan will build a carbon fiber and composite materials research and development center, carbon fiber testing base, an annual output of 10000 tons of carbon fiber (one 15000 tons / year acrylic yarn supporting production line); an aerospace and new energy automotive carbon fiber composite materials development center with a total investment of about $470 millions USD.


Carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite can be used as structural material to bear load, and can play a role as functional material, carbon fiber synthetic with resin, metal composite materials can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, energy, transportation, construction, electronics, sports equipment and other fields.


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