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Live-Webinar on Kinetic Modeling in Thermal Analysis

News International-French

15 Sep 2014

Sponsored news - A wide selection of Netzsch webinars held by experts in the field of material characterisation have been newly scheduled. Registration is free.

Kinetic Modeling in Thermal Analysis

The Netzsch Thermokinetics software module enables the formal description of certain chemical processes, e.g., sintering, decomposition, and curing processes. This kind of module allows for solutions which cannot be achieved conventionally, or can only be realized with a great expenditure of effort and/ or time. The webinar is best suited to those users of thermo-analytical (or thermally related) methods who wish to learn more about the versatile application possibilities of this program package and/or the software itself. It will give basic insight into the program philosophy as well as into the platform and operating mode of the software. Data received from various measuring methods, e.g., Thermogravimetry (TG), Dynamic Differential Calorimetry / Differential Thermal Analysis (DSC, DTA), Mass Spectrometry (MS in MID-mode), Dilatometry (DIL), Rheometry (Rheo) or Dielectric Analysis (DEA) can be evaluated.

Registration is free.