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L&L Products L-F610 film adhesive speeds finishing of composite armour panels

News International-French

15 Mar 2016

The company's reformable, epoxy adhesive film is enabling producers of composite armour to apply a paint finish to ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene panels with the minimum of preparation time and without the need for primers.                                                                               

Previously, in order to finish ballistic panels it would be necessary to apply an epoxy-based primer using a brush or spray equipment so that the paint would adhere to the surface of the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. After priming there would be a significant dwell time while the primer is allowed to fully cure.

L-F610 dry thermoplastic adhesive film can be applied directly on to the ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene surface. The panel is then placed in a heated press and adhesion to the panel’s surface is achieved in a few minutes. The minimum of preparation is then required for the surface to be made ready for the application of the paint finish. As L-F610 is epoxy-based, it is compatible with the majority of paints used for ballistic armour applications.

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