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L&L Products presents reformable epoxy adhesive film

News International-French

25 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Designated L-F610, L&L Products’ reformable epoxy adhesive film combines the adhesion and mechanical properties of an epoxy with the processing ease of a thermoplastic. 

L-F610 will facilitate new opportunities for the manufacture of composite parts, panels and laminates.

With a tensile elongation of 40%, the reformable epoxy adhesive film is an incredibly tough product and has higher strength and better adhesion than traditional thermoplastic adhesive systems. It can be de-bonded and re-formed, allowing parts and components to be modified in existing structures.

A simple test was performed on an electrogalvanized steel assembly. After bonding, the assembly showed a lap shear strength of 12 MPa and could be debonded by simply heating the assembly at 120°C and pulling coupons apart at the same temperature. The assembly was heat-bonded once again and demonstrated the same lap shear strength as initially (i.e. 12 MPa).

L-F610 is also dry-to-the-touch and transparent with a clarity of 99% (ASTM D1003), making it ideal for applications where a good cosmetic finish is required. Unlike epoxy thermoset film adhesives, L-F610 does not require refrigerated storage and has a long shelf-life.

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