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L&L products supports innovation & new challenges at BMW

News International-French

18 Feb 2016

BMW has launched in its new 7 series a car body construction that combines carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP), aluminium and steel.

L&L Products has been an integral partner in the development of this solution. The bonding of dissimilar materials in car bodies requires structural strength with adequate elongation to account for the differences in thermal expansion of the materials. In addition, it is essential to protect against any galvanic corrosion that could be caused by the use of different materials. At the same time this problem had to be solved in an automotive environment of volume, repeatability, prevailing plant conditions (such as oily metal surfaces) and process targets (quick curing time: 2 minutes @ 170°C [338°F]).

L&L Products developed an adhesive film to solve this challenge by working closely with BMW, Hexcel, and the other programme partners. The unique skill set of materials science and application engineering that L&L Products provides, allowed it to deliver a customized solution to the programme.