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Long fiber compounder PlastiComp receives 2011 Minnesota Governor’s Commendation Award

News International-French

23 Nov 2011

The Commendation was awarded in recognition of the outstanding contribution that PlastiComp has made to the region’s economy and for the firm’s demonstrated commitment to making Minnesota a better place to live and work.

During the last five years PlastiComp has added more than 20 new employees, with 25% of current annual sales shipped internationally, outside of the USA.

About PlastiComp
The PlastiComp business focus is in long fiber reinforced composite thermoplastic technology: both LFT (long fiber reinforced thermoplastic pellets) and D-LFT (direct long fiber reinforced thermoplastic), and D-GMT (direct glass mat thermoplastic) direct in-line compounding technologies. Complēt® composite pellets, produced with LFT technology, are made for the injection molding market in standard as well as custom formulations. PlastiComp manufactures and installs Pushtrusion machinery for direct in-line compounding as a D-LFT technology for injection molding as well as a D-GMT technology for compression molding. In addition, PlastiComp does advanced technology part molding and contract research and development including: material formulation, part testing, process development, and evaluation. PlastiComp also licenses LFT pellet manufacturing technology, with agreements in place at industry-leading companies in Europe and Asia. The corporate office and technical development center for PlastiComp are located is in Winona, Minnesota, U.S.A.  The European subsidiary of PlastiComp LLC, PlastiComp GmbH, has management located in Steenbergen, The Netherlands. PlastiComp LLC is a privately held company.

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