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Long fiber reinforced thermoplastics fans for cleaning air

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31 Dec 2013

Celstran LFRT from Celanese felps fans from ebm-papst supply fresh air in commercial kitchens, offices and factories.

Indispensable in commercial kitchens, offices and factories, the RadiCal fan series produced by ebm-papst uses radial fan impellers made with Celstran long fiber reinforced thermoplastics (LFRT) from Celanese Corporation.

Celstran LFRT, a composite made from a thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) matrix and unidirectional long glass-fibers for outstanding stability, is a good choice material for the RadiCal fan impellers that have a complex architecture, which is exposed to high mechanical loads. The glass fiber reinforced polymer combines high strength, lightness and unlimited moldability to enable flow-optimized blade geometries, and provides UV protection, chemical resistance and extremely good impact strength without the need for additional treatment.

The new RadiCal fan series, without spiral housing, was developed with GreenTech EC motors, backward curved blades and a high level of hydraulic efficiency. It has the same dimensions as its predecessor with asynchronous motor, which the new version can replace with little effort.

Low noise with high efficiency
ebm-papst, a worldwide innovation leader in fans and motors with over 14,500 different products headquartered in Germany, used simulation models to optimize the impeller shape. Models were compared to measurements on prototypes to avoid great cross-sectional jumps and flow losses in the finished model. This step in the developmental phase, coupled with the excellent damping characteristics of the Celstran LFRT-PP, helped reduce the noise level generated by the fan.

Celstran LFRT demonstrates its versatility in this application:

  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature tolerance
  • High impact and notched impact strength
  • Very low creep and warpage

These outstanding mechanical properties contribute to improved performance and extend the service life of the RadiCal fan.

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