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Longyuan Power, China most profitable wind company

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3 May 2012

Last month, China Longyuan Power Group Corporation Limited (Longyuan) 2011 Annual conference held in Hongkong.

In 2011, company achieved sales income of $2.43 billion USD (excluding franchise project income), an increase of 20.4%; realize a pretax profit of $570 million USD.


Longyuan wind power business profit ability continues to maintain the industry leading level, the annual income of $982000 USD (excluding franchise project income) an increase of 34.4%; operating profit of $206000 USD, grow 36.2% compared to the same period.


There are 52 new registration CDM projects last year, total installed capacity of 3198 MWs, a total of accumulated registered CDM projects if 107, total installed capacity of 6052 MW, annual realizes net income $115 million USD, grow 85.5% compared to the same period, retaining its position as the first in industry.


As of December 31, 2011, the company installed 10573 MW capacity, in which wind power is 8598 MW, ranking first in Asia and in China.


In 2011, the successful acquisition of Canadian 100 MW wind power project makes it the first state-owned power enterprise has foreign investment in new energy projects. It also built the country's largest offshore wind farm; actively promote the domestic high altitude, low wind speed wind power development.


At the same time, company increased the project development efforts for better wind resource inland, good conditions in grid connection, increased the early development in the northeast, Inner Mongolia, Hebei and other regions. The approval wind power project reached 2603 MW. By the end of 2011, company wind power projects total storage capacity of 63 GW.



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