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Low cost mold release agent for friction materials

News International-French

26 Mar 2012

Huron Technologies, Inc. announces Release Coating 7962 for friction composite materials such as brake pads, clutch facings, gear tooth facings and rigid molded blocks.

Release Coating 7962 is a water based release agent which protects mold surfaces by forming a barrier between the mold and composite mixture used in the manufacturing process. Release Coating 7962 has a lower pH than typical friction release agents, increasing safety and reducing health concerns for operators. Additionally, lower pH values are less corrosive on certain types of steel molds, meaning less frequent mold cleaning and longer mold life. Designed for use from 200‐450°F (93‐232°C), Release Coating 7962 provides excellent surface part quality when used with automated spray systems.

Release Coating 7962 was designed for friction materials used in:
-Automobiles & Off‐road vehicles
-Light & Heavy duty trucks
-Industrial braking applications

Release Coating 7962 is available in 5 gallon containers and 55 gallon drums. Huron Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures release agents for polyurethane, rubber elastomers, concrete and composites, providing a wide range of off‐the‐shelf release agents as well as custom mold release agents to meet customer requirements.