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Low Twist Flax roving for pultrusion, filament winding

News International-French

13 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Safilin's Low Twist Flax Roving enabled the company Innobat to win the 2011 JEC Award for their project of bio based composite pultruded window profiles.

In 2012 we Safilin have improved our products to match the markets need for high performance natural fibers.


Our flax roving has been sucessfully used in pultrusion but also in filament winding. Today tests are being conducted in long fiber reinforced compounds, multiaxial fabrics and much more.


Flax is the only massively available natural fiber grown in Europe enabling to produce low twist rovings with the necessary dry mechanical properties and showing great results in a composite material.

Flax is grown without irrigation and barely any chemicals making of flax fiber the greener fiber available for composites.


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