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Lower costs in CFRP parts production

News International-French

11 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Cannon announces the recent development and supply of a complete, automatic turnkey line for its innovative “Liquid Lay-down” process. This process is an up-coming alternative to RTM technology for carbon-fibre-reinforced automotive parts.

The optimization of the process, through the integration of three anthropomorphic robots to obtain a fully-automatic line, was aimed to achieve a low part-to-part cycle time. This, combined with its intrinsic requirement for a lower compression force in the part forming phase, which above all results in a reduced capital investment, positions this process as a very competitive substitute for traditional HP-RTM in the automotive field, providing a lower part cost to the manufacturer.


Several innovative Cannon technologies are wisely combined in this solution: from the high-pressure Estrim metering unit and mixing head, for proper dosing of the two-component epoxy resin, to a specifically designed air-less distribution die for uniform distribution, with laminar flow, of the resin-hardener mix directly onto the reinforcement carbon fibre stack outside of the mould. Alongside these, a large size hot press with accurate parallelism control (for part forming), and a low-tonnage cold press (for controlled cooling of parts) have also been designed and supplied by Cannon.


A stable process with high output and high quality has thus been developed and successfully installed.

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