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LPKF expands LDS product management team

News International-French

11 Oct 2012

Sebastian Sparrer and Stephan Krause join the team to develop LDS laser systems.

Laser direct structuring of three-dimensional interconnect devices is an example of an important innovation that has developed from a niche technology to a technology driver.  LPKF Laser & Electronics, as the patentee and manufacturer of the respective specialized laser systems, is keeping abreast of its increased significance and sharing product management between several shoulders.


Starting immediately, Sebastian Sparrer is responsible for the customer-oriented technical further development of these laser systems. Up to now, he led the LDS service team and is now turning customer requirements into real systems.


Stephan Krause is new to the team. An industrial engineer with extensive experience in mechanical engineering, he is taking over strategic product management. His role involves the coordination of technical product management, external partners and customer requirements.


Both of them agree: LDS technology has already lead to considerable innovations, especially in the production of antennas. In the future, other areas of technology will rely on the advantages of the LDS process.


Picture: Sebastian Sparrer (left) and Stephan Krause (right) are taking over technical and strategic product management for LDS laser systems.


About LPKF:
LPKF Laser & Electronics AG manufactures machines and laser systems used in electronics fabrication, medical technology, the automotive sector, and the production of solar cells. Around 20 percent of the workforce is engaged in research and development.