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Lutong launched new materials equipment project in Xinjiang

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8 Oct 2015

Xinjiang Lutong new materials carbon fiber high end composite materials petrol equipment project has formally launched and the construction inauguration ceremony has been held during that day in the Karamay petrol chemical industrial park, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

It has been reported that Lutong new materials carbon fiber high end composite materials petrol equipment project has a land of 57,000 square meters.

The project mainly engaged in the new material high tech industry with processing and manufacturing as the main business. The products include carbon fiber products, glass fiber reinforced plastic products, high strength composite materials inner tanks, metal anti-erosion technology. There is a broad market value in petrol chemical, coalbed gas, water conservancy, urban planning in the region of Karamay, Xinjiang, as well as mid Asia region.

Xinjiang Lutong new materials Co., Ltd is a subsidiary of Shengli Xinda Industrial Group Co., Ltd. The group chairman Wu Yongtai said during the inauguration ceremony that Karamay has excellent investment environment with richly endowed by nature. This makes Xinjiang Lutong New Materials Co., Ltd to gradually, step by step become a realty from a vague idea at the beginning. According to Wu Yongtai, this project has been started discussion as early as in November last year (2014), which took almost 9 months to come to a formal determination.

Wu Yongtai said: the company will build the Xinjiang largest composite material manufacturing base with an integration of production, sales, and services within 3 to 5 years of time. The base will become the scientific and technological research and development center with the carbon fiber high end composite materials as its core business and reach a level of annual production value of 1 billion Yuan (US$ 156.80 million).

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