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The M. F. Cachat Company forms strategic marketing & distribution arrangement

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28 Aug 2012

The M. F. Cachat Company has formed a strategic marketing and distribution arrangement with Associated Industries Inc. of Wichita, KS, Schibley Chemical Company of Elyria, OH, and Fiberglass Florida, Inc. of Rockledge, FL to sell and distribute PCCR USA, Inc. resins to the Composites industry.

We believe by leveraging the market knowledge, reputation, warehousing and logistic capabilities of each company in their respective region, we can more effectively deliver the value of the PCCR, USA, Inc. Polyester and Vinyl Ester product lines to our customers.




About the M. F. Cachat Company

Founded in 1977, The M.F. Cachat Company is a technical sales organization focused on the marketing and distribution of specialty chemicals for the coatings, inks, rubber, plastics, adhesives, sealants, composites and consumer products industries.  Cachat’s sales territory includes 36 states throughout the Midwest, Central, East Coast and Southeast Regions of the United States.


Cachat provides unique, synergistic technology offerings and technical assistance in partnership with its Principals to meet the commercial and technical requirements of its customers.  Cachat’s technical sales staff consists of 25 outside sales representatives and 3 inside sales & technical support representatives.  Cachat currently utilizes 15 warehouses, located strategically throughout its sales territory to effect economic and timely order fulfillment.


Cachat’s headquarters facility is located in Cleveland, Ohio.  Cachat is a member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) and supports NACD’s Responsible Distribution Policy



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