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Maanshan hollow glass microspheres, a strong competition to 3M

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5 Mar 2012

The china company has recently developed hollow glass microspheres with high comprehensive properties

Their high-performance hollow glass microspheres is a kind of ultra-lightweight inorganic non-metallic powder with hollow microsphere, and it is a versatile and high-performance new lightweight material developed in recent years. Its true density is 0.20-0.60g/cm3 with 2-120μm in diameter. It owns features with light weight, large bulky, low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, smoothly mobility.


It can be used in cementing slurry, paint and coatings, rubber, plastics, glass, steel, artificial stone, putty and other products as filler and weight-reducing agent. It can also be the excellent sensitizer for emulsion explosives; Because of its high comprehensive properties, it can be used to produce high-strength low-density cement slurry and low-density drilling fluid in oil and gas extraction industry.

With the much more competitive price but totally the same quality as 3M, this company got highly approval from the customers both at home and abroad, including USA and Europe countries, Middle East, Asia, and South America. Since Maanshan hollow glass microspheres competition, 3M once offered a price to buy out this company, but was refused. 3M had to reduce over $1587 (USD)/ton on its price of their own products to compete with Maanshan.


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