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MAGLOC air ejector for moulds

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16 Mar 2017

Sponsored Innovation report - MAGLOC is a new composite mould air ejector comprising just two hardened steel parts locked together using NeFeB-generated magnetism.

MAGLOC air ejector for moulds
This provides the simplest solution to construction and assembly integration. Furthermore, in operation its base needs only a sharp tap so air pressure can be safely applied to aid product ejection and removal.

After years of marketing more complex and pricy ejectors, it was time to re-evaluate and innovate a simpler, far less costly solution. The MAGLOC air ejector is the result, bringing a robust, low-cost unit to market for the moulding community.

The mould builder can either mould MAGLOC into a composite mould or retrofit by sealing it into a 13mm diameter hole. In operation, the smooth mould side face is kept closed by a strong magnetic force and designed to open with a simple sharp blow to its base. Even thick and very rigid cured parts can be fractionally released. This allows compressed air to be applied through the MAGLOC to aid part ejection.

Marketed at less than £20 each, the company predicts that MAGLOC will become the mould air ejector of choice. 

“Simplicity, the true key to good design”

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