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Magnum Venus Plastech brings innovative technologies

News International-French

13 Nov 2013

The company displays its Putty 2000 Chop Check System, its MkVI injection System for closed molding applications and its Talon gun.

Seeing a new application for the Putty 2000 Chop Check System, Magnum Venus Plastech (MVP) has made some modifications to make this system ideal for dispensing tooling paste materials.  This modified system has been in use at an Italian Marine manufacturing company, and their results exceeded expectations. 

One of the other new systems that will be featured is the new MkVI Injection System for closed molding applications. The MkVI System was designed to lead the way in epoxy, polyester and phenolic resin injection.  Using epoxy to inject a part provides added strength and durability to the final product, making it ideal for industries like aerospace, automotive, military and more.

The company will also show some of the tried and true technology for open moulding with the Patriot Chopper and Advantage Gelcoat Systems.

MVP has always maintained that in open mould applications, it all begins in the operator’s hand. The company develops an innovative new gun – the Talon Gun.

From advanced value technology, to limiting the number of parts, to the lightest weight available on the market, the Talon Gun helps to improve production. Talon is available in both internal and external mix, both of which are engineered to improve the customer’s bottom line.

Features of this model include:

  • 35% fewer parts than competitive guns reduces downtime for maintenance
  • Weighs less than 1,000 grams significantly reducing operator hand fatigue
  • Ergonomic design
  • Long-lasting durable quality
  • Improved dependability
  • Ensures consistent, desired flow
  • Advanced valve technology (Dynamic Discharge)
  • AirCat Mono-Valve
  • Applied fulcrum force to reduce operator fatigue

These products are showcase on Composites Engineering show, in Birmingham.

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