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Magnum Venus Plastech conducted very successful demonstrations

News International-French

17 Sep 2012

Magnum Venus Plastech conducted live demonstrations on Infusion and Flex Molding Process during the recent China Composites 2012 Expo in Shanghai, China. During each of the two live demonstrations per day, RTM/Infusion Technical Specialist for MVP Charles Tur explained the process for constructing a silicone membrane using two different methods, and then infused the same part in two molds simultaneously.

Each mold showed a different membrane construction – one using the traditional method of locking seals around the perimeter and a resin channel down the center, with the IVx3 Injection Valve, and the other was a grooved design which locks into grooves built into the flange of the mold, and draws the resin from the perimeter of the mold to a vacuum catchpot at the center of the mold.


Joan Tracy, Vice President of International Sales said of the demonstrations, “I was very pleased by the response we received from attendees of these demonstrations. Many of those who came to the demonstrations stayed after to learn more about the process and equipment, as well as to learn more about our upcoming training.”


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