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Magnum Venus Plastech Ltd. (U.K. Closed Mould Division) ceases U.K. business operations

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19 Aug 2013

Due to Magnum Venus Plastech’s desire to have research & development, manufacturing and technical service functions in one location, MVP Ltd. has made the very hard decision to cease business operations of the Closed Mould Division in the U.K.

Due to reorganization within the company, Magnum Venus Plastech Ltd., a UK subsidiary, has ceased the operations in the U.K. All goods, services and training previously offered by Magnum Venus Plastech Ltd. will now be supplied by the parent entity, GSSC, Inc. (d/b/a/Magnum Venus Plastech) from itsTechnology Center in Kent, WA.

This closure does not, in any way, effect MVP-Europe based in the West Midlands. MVP-Europe continues to be the official distributor of MVP products in the United Kingdom.