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Magnum Venus Plastech (M.V.P.) President Tom Hedger Joins ACMA Board

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7 Jun 2011


Magnum Venus Plastech is excited to announce that our company President, Tom Hedger has been invited to join the board of the ACMA and has accepted.

 Having worked in the Composites Industry for most of his career, Mr. Hedger has had the opportunity to watch the changes that have taken place in this growing industry. As the President of Magnum Venus Plastech, Mr. Hedger, through the company, has had a hand in influencing many of the changes in equipment, processes and technology that have shaped the direction of the industry.

In the 1990’s, when government standards began changing toward extremely low Styrene emissions, MVP took the lead in providing customers with the best options to meet these new standards through Fluid Impingement Technology (FIT®). After its release, MVP worked very closely with the ACMA in testing the benefits of FIT at CMTI (Clean Manufacturing Technology Institute at Purdue University), and after working with the EPA in the United States, that technology has become the standard for open mold processes.

In recent months, Mr. Hedger has been working closely with the ACMA and other Composites equipment and product manufacturers to stop a move by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to list Styrene as a "reasonably known carcinogen." He has had several meetings with lawmakers in the U.S. Congress to explain the devastating effect this decision would have, not only on the Composites Industry, but on the country as a whole. Composites are now a part of multiple products across multiple industries that drive the prosperity of the country.

Efficient and affordable Closed Molding processes and products are the future of Composites manufacturer’s ability to meet the ever tightening emissions standards around the world. Three years ago, seeing this new trend, Mr. Hedger directed the creation of a new closed mold production process that would allow MVP’s customers to make the change from open to closed molding with as minimal an impact to the bottom line as possible. What they developed is called Flex Molding Process. Flex Molding Process is designed to allow open molding manufacturers to use their existing mold, and manufacture a flexible silicone membrane counter-mold which will let them to quickly move into closed mold production without the expense and learning curve involved in re-tooling the mold for Light RTM.

MVP has been a long standing member of the ACMA, and believes that the organization is vital in moving the Composites Industry into the future where governmental restrictions become even tougher, requiring new innovations that will keep manufacturers running safely, efficiently and profitably.